FAQ: Can I and my Pet Travel Together?

You consider your pets to be part of the family. When you have multiple cats and/or dogs, they usually come to think of each other as family, too. So, if you’re planning to move that includes air travel for your pets, you might wonder if they can travel together on the plane. The answer is maybe.

Are you talking about “together” as in traveling in the same crate?

Indian Airlines sets the basic guidelines for pet transportation in India. If you are looking for international pet travel, you’ll need to research the specific rules for your airline. Like other details of pet delivery, each airline sets their own policies.

In-cabin rules generally allow only one pet/carrier per person. If you’re traveling with another person you should each be able to bring a pet/carrier on board. It’s important to note that all airlines restrict the total number of pet kennels they will accept on any given flight, either in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Here are some examples of airline rules about pets traveling together:

Spicejet Policy

SpiceJet allows 1 dog per passenger with a maximum of 2 passengers flying with dogs so only 2 dogs per plane. They allow animals such as dogs, cats and other pets when properly crated and accompanied by valid health and vaccination certificates and other documents.

Below are few points to be followed with respect to Carriage of animals:

SpiceJet policy prohibits certain aggressive breeds of dogs, hybrid dogs / cats, short-muzzled dogs, for transport by air.

Weaned puppies / kittens under 12 weeks not accepted

Females with suckling young and un-weaned animals are not accepted.

Jet Airways

Jet Airways has been in the forefront in the transportation and handling of general and special cargo. Jet Airways allows 4 puppies or 2 middle sized dogs or 1 big size per plane.

Jet Airways policy with respect to carriage of animals

Passengers can carry maximum of three pet containers on Domestic flights in the aircraft hold subject to space availability.

Live animals along with their respective container weighing up to 32 kgs, will be accepted as checked-in baggage. If the weight exceeds 32 kgs, the same will be accepted for carriage as cargo.

Book your pet at least 24 hours in advance as accompanied baggage for domestic flights.

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